Frequently Asked Questions

How to Purchase a bird from Calopsita Aviary? If you are interested in purchasing a bird from our aviary, all you have to do is check out my contacts page and fill out the form. In the form, please let me know which cockatiel you are interested in buying. All sales price are final this isn’t eBay and there will be no negotiating. After I receive your form we can talk through phone or email, to plan a date and time where you can meet/buy the desired bird.

How do I hold a baby or put down a deposit? If you are unable to buy a bird immediately we do offer to hold the bird of your choice for a small deposit. Deposits are $45.00 for each bird and are non refundable. Since this is going to go towards feeding and caring for your new pet until you can come pick it up. The only exception for a deposit to be refunded is if something happens to your bird in my care before you were able to pick him/her up. You will then have the choice of either getting your refund or choosing another bird. (If any available at time

Whats Included with my Purchase?

*A Hatch certificate Click above thumbnail to enlarge.
* A healthy, socialized, weaned bird
*A loyal loving pet to enhance your life
*Free wing and nail clips for your purchased bird.

Things you should know

*Calopsita Aviary does not sell un-weaned babies
*We offer a health guarantee on all our birds.
*All Sales are non-refundable and final. However, should a situation arise we will work with you to make sure the bird you purchase is a good fit for you and your family.
*We will let you know when your reserved baby is ready to go home.
*Although some of the time the sex of a particular bird is obvious I cannot guarantee it without a $35.00 sexing fee. It will then be DNA tested.
*Male pearl cockatiels will likely lose their pearling after the first molt. An exceptional pearl male will keep small amounts of pearling.
*We reserve the right to choose not to sell our birds to anyone at anytime. In this case you will be refunded in full.